Nasser Alqatami Released

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Biography of Nasser Alqatami from (translated from Arabic)

The great Sheikh Nasser Al Qatami is a famous Quran reciter from Saudi Arabia. Nasser Al Qatami is a great religious man, his psalmody spread by numerous TV channels, radio stations and web sites, and “” is a concrete example.

During all his childhood, Nasser Al Qatami grew with the idea of becoming a great Muslim by taking example from those who preceded him. Nasser Al Qatami learned and memorized the Holy Quran at an early age, under the supervision of his family and relations.

Nasser Al Qatami has given numerous lectures, as well as Jalassat directed to the faithful audiences, by treating questions and subjects. Nasser Al Qatami usually answers according to his experiences in Islamic studies, and religious perspectives.

Today, Nasser Al Qatami is an imam at the Mosque of Al Qadi in Riyadh. The Mosque is located in Saudi Arabia, and he has been there since the month of Ramadan in the year 1425 of Al Hegira.

To sum up, Nasser Al Qatami has an exceptional voice, which makes us closer and closer to our great God; an objective he always wanted to achieve by sharing with his magnificent faithful Muslims.

Missing Audhubillah and Zip Files Fixed

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We added some missing files.  Please report any more you notice so we can add it.

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