New license

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We have re-released all our works under a less restrictive license.  We did this to help facilitate the dawah efforts to spread the message of Islam and the Quran to all corners of the Earth.  We recommend if possible to do the same with any products you build.  Make it the property of the ummah, free of charge for anyone to use!  In this way, the dawah will spread far and wide.


Please see our new license effective immediately.


How to create split quran files (using text method)

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When we create the quran verse by verse mp3s, we first play the file using a program, and mark the spots to be split using it.  This way, we have the original timings file as well incase someone wants to use it.  This guide will tell you step by step how to create the timings files that can be used to create the split mp3s.